Cover Letter

Cover Letter

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Dear Sir/ Madam

I would like to apply for Bourse d'implication SAÉ advertised on and enclose with this letter I provided the requirement documents. I am a master student (2e cycle) in biolmedical engineering in Université de Montréal and working as a research assistant in ….and believe my strong background in social commitment and voluntary jobs well-qualify me for this bourse.
I have been involved in different social voluntary activities in recent years such as free mathematics tutoring to 6-11 years old children in an orphanage, fresh food donation to homeless people and voluntary job in the help of affected people in the earthquake. In particular, regarding my activities in last year, in August 2012, a big earthquake occurred in Varzaghan and Ahar, two cities in East of Iran. Four of my friends and I, as a group of students, decided to gather donation via on-line
informing citizens of earthquake disaster. At the end we collected more than 5000$ and dedicated
them to Iran Red Crescent society (largest humanitarian organization in Iran). In addition, on February 2012 (before Persian New Year) my former university hosted Mahak charity foundation, a society supporting children suffering from cancer. I worked as a volunteer in the Mahak booth and I managed the charity bake sale in welfare of cancer children. Indeed, our booths raised 2000$ for
Considering that my home country, Iran, is a developing country these kinds of activities are more demanded for needed people. Now that I moved to Canada for studying, I would like to follow up my passionate here and continue my social activities. Because what is appealing about this type of social commitment is that, it brings good effects in society and brilliant inside feeling for you at the same time.


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