Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Try to identify the person who has the power to hire you in that department or organization. Spell his/her name and title correctly.
• Dear Ms. Smith
• Dear Dr. Diaz
• Dear Marketing Director
• Dear Human Resources Recruiter

This should consist of why they are receiving this letter, position applying for, person who referred you, and how you heard about this position.

I am writing in response to the Graphic Artist position at XYZ Company, listed on Drexel University’s DragonJobs system.

While researching organizations at the Drexel University Sacramento Career Services office, I read the information you recently provided regarding XYZ Company’s job opportunities. Upon graduation from Drexel University this spring, I would like to begin a career in sales and marketing with your organization.

An article in Business Week magazine identified your firm as an innovator in biological research. My senior project on chemical spill effects on marine life explores the area in which you are expanding. I would like the opportunity to talk with you about our mutual interest in this growing field.

Communicate the way in which your skills and experience can be of value to the employer. Present the most relevant information you want the employer to consider, even before he/she turns to your resume. Highlight special accomplishments and show your enthusiasm, without merely repeating your resume. Explain how your qualifications and the company’s needs are a good match.

After taking several related courses and visiting alumni in the field, I have decided to pursue a career in labor relations. As you will note in my resume, I completed a senior thesis on labor law and have had practical experience mediating conflicts as a Resident Assistant and head of our Conduct Committee. This past year, I was a volunteer with a community mediation agency. With my leadership abilities, analytical skills and...

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