I firmly believe we should protect farmland

Today's suburbanite is far removed from the farm that puts the food on his plate. He has come to take food for granted, But at what risk? Canada may be large, but only a small portion is farmable. Two thirds of our usable land has already been lost to over-farming and urban sprawl. And despite today's global economy, we can't depend on importing food from countries whose practices are just as unsustainable as ours. We should protect our land, not pave it over.

Between 1950 and 1999, four million acres of Illinois farmland was taken out of production. In 1950, the Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service reported 31.7 million acres of land in farms. In 1999, that number had declined to 27.7 million acres, amounting to a 12 percent loss. Since 1995, each year the state has lost about 100,000 acres of farmland. Farmland loss is probably not too noticeable in many of the rural counties of the states, but it is in the more urban counties, we need to protect our farmland.

Who should be concerned with the loss of farmland? Everybody, Every
Person who eats should be concerned with achieving the long-term sustainability of our
Food systems, which mean the protection of farmland, the stakeholders in the Foodland problem can be further. We need to be able to eat to survive protecting farmland is a very serious thing that needs to be done with out food we cannot survive

I firmly believe we need to protect farmland; we need food to survive without food we would die. I understand that taking out farmland is progress, buildings going up new homes but without the food that farms provide there wouldn’t be any people to live in the new homes or buildings.

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