Computerized physician order entry

In this paper you will learn what CPOE (Computerized physician order entry) is. How CPOE can it protect the patient and provider from medical errors. CPOE has received increased attention based on the Institute of medicine report. Also you will learn about the different benefits CPOE has to offer to patients and physicians.

What Is CPOE? CPOE is short for computerized physician order entry. It is a process of medical professional entering medication orders. CPOE systems are designed to mimic the workflow of paper charts. Meaning everything a person would write down about a patient by hand would be put into the system instead. To cut down on errors and make things go a little faster. CPOE systems are often used in tandem with E- prescribing systems, which alert physicians and clinicians to a particular patient’s drug allergies and current medication.

CPOE has many benefits to offer. Such as reducing errors related to poor handwriting, when if come to transcriptions of medication orders. Also it helps make crucial information more readily available to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other clinicians and patients. For the patient it can decrease the time for orders to the pharmacists. For a physician cope can be a life saver, having all the information on hand about the patient history and medication can be a great tool for the physician.

“According to the institute of medicine. Hospitalized patients are subject to one medication error per day, on average, the study notes. At least a quarter of medication related injuries are preventable, however electronic order systems can reduce these errors. CPOE functionalities such as dosage support, adverse interaction, alerts and clinical decision support can also help reduce errors.”

In conclusion CPOE enables the physician to order medication, test, and procedures directly into the...