Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine

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Nichole Black
Period 2/3
The Modeling DNA Probes Lab

Purpose: to see how DNA probes help to identify individuals.
Hypothesis: I think that DNA probes will only be able to identify one individual, not all of them.
1. Copy each individual’s number and DNA sequence onto graph paper. Then skip five lines between each sequence and the next one.
2. Copy the following sequence for a six-base DNA probe onto the graph paper: TCCGAG.
3. Circle or highlight the part of the individual’s DNA sequence that is the same as the sequence of the DNA probe.
4. Record the number of sequences circled.
5. Choose one of the individuals and make your own DNA probe
6. See if there are any sequences from the probe that are the same as the other individuals.

Data: On the graph paper
1. The DNA sequence that is the same to the probe shown is AGGCTC.
2. The individual’s that were identified by the probe were 1, 3 and 5.
3. Yes, it is possible for one DNA probe to identify more than one person.
4. Longer sequences are more likely to identify only one individual.

Conclusion: The probe given in the lab was short and identified more than one individual. Which shows that shorter DNA probes are easier to match more than one individual, while longer probes can usually only match one other person. The DNA probe given in the lab matched three out of five individuals, which could lead to the fact that there are probably many people in the world with that same order. So people are all alike except a few strands of their DNA.

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