Create and Explain in Detail a Philosophical Argument for the Existence of Pandora

Create and Explain in Detail a Philosophical Argument for the Existence of Pandora

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Create and explain in detail a philosophical argument for the existence of Pandora

Pandora is a seemingly fictitious planet presented to us in the movie blockbuster “AVATAR”, this planet is a utopia of natural biological beauty. Floating mountains and thundering waterfalls are eclipsed by trees the size of what can only be comparable to a skyscraper. The inhabitants of this wonder are very similar to that on earth, the indigenous species are described as ‘humanoids’ showing they’re close physical appearance to humans. However where we have squandered our planets natural resources the “Naa’vi” fiercely protect the balance of life and death on the planet and refuse to use the technology of the ‘sky people’ such as guns, computers etc. This presents a striking image of global conservation; bows and arrows replace guns, horse like animals replace cars and what can only be described as giant reptilian flying beasts are used in the same way as planes. All these alternatives are shown to give the same sort of thrills as on earth (divebombing down cliffs could have easily been bungie jumping) but obviously with no environmental impact. All these animals share a link with each other made through tendril like things which somehow connect the mind of the animals when each other so they can use each others thoughts to communicate. Seemingly all animals have this connection and even can be connected with trees. All the Naa’vi have a ‘database of memories’ which is stored in the tree of souls, which apparently emits a ‘flux vortex’ and so renders all navigational instruments useless.
This presents the striking message that the soul is separate from the mind in these people as they can store all recollection of there being in the tree of souls while their body dies and is dead. ‘Eywah’ is the ‘God’ in this situation or the equivalent as lines such as “shes with Eywah now” are used after the death of one of the characters.

So is this planet much different...

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