Create a new era - the preferred forrest oil hydraulic oil press

Create a new era - the preferred forrest oil hydraulic oil press

Cooking oil to the importance of a healthy body, you know Despite daily consumption is not large, but the influence of edible oil to human body health is very big.a

Daily meals eaten by oil, may bring you health and longevity, may also make your body faced with varying degrees of damage.Therefore, choose cooking oil should be especially careful

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Due to recent edible oil safety is more and more uncontrollable, some big brands present problems in a row, force us to buy oil now difficult, on the issue of cooking oil, from

Since buy oil to eat into the hydraulic oil press oil, this day is quietly, who also can't resist this trend.

So a lot of people think so many brand oil press equipment, why choose forrest hydraulic oil press?The following help you analyze the forrest

The characteristics and advantages.

A, oil mill equipment adopts double support structure, fully utilize the physical squeezing screw technology, pressing bar in rotation, press bar and pressing chamber

Pitch is more accurate and stable, make the oil and oil residue separated better, more for raising the yield efficiency of hydraulic oil press, also reduced 80% of the oil press

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Wear, increase the service life of the machine.

Second, stylish appearance, do not take a place, very light and convenient use.

Three, elegant appearance, and pressing process noise.The machine adopts the aluminum unibody enclosure, high-quality motor, self-lubricating bearing, ultra-quiet operation

Raw material choice, safe and reliable, visible and easy unpick and wash, parts all can disinfect, let you from now on with ease, and eat the rest assured.

Forrest hydraulic oil press ancient physical squeezing method, not only solved the oil security problem, also bring new edible oil, customize the original

Make you eat healthy, eat the rest assured, eat nutrition.This machine is simple operation, easy to use, very suitable for family...

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