Creating Alternative Solutions

Creating Alternative Solutions

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Problem Solution: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications
Global Communications has presented many problems within the company that must be solved in order for the company to be the leading telecommunications company in the industry. Today, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and expand their business to other countries. Global Communications has researched areas within the company that if altered or eliminated in order to cut cost and emphasize on projects would generate revenue for the company. By creating alternative solutions to the decisions already made by the senior executives, Global Communications will have a greater understanding of the risks it will face as company and can predict the consequences that will occur if the decisions are put into affect.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communications will introduce new services to their small business and consumer customers. These services will now be served in both local and long distance markets in India and Ireland. By introducing these new markets Global Communications will need to downsize their current call centers. First, the company will relocated their current call center reps to the new call centers in India and Ireland. Those call center reps that are not asked to relocate will be layoff. Second, the call center reps that are relocated are expected to take an average 10 percent salary cut. Global Communications has been known for maintaining a high level of employee’s loyalty and treating their employees well by other competitors. For these reasons, Global Communications must develop an effective way of communicating the message to the employees. The message must give the employees knowledge of how these changes will benefit them with higher salaries and more career opportunities. According to the readings in Chapter...

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