Creating an Hr Department

Creating an Hr Department

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Creating a Human Resource Department for a Construction Company

HR590: Human Resource Management
Instructor: Dr. Robert Miller

Iris Figueroa
December 16, 2008


As companies grow, there is a need to establish an HR department that works with the organization as a whole. Depending on the size of the company, this can be of at least one person, but there should definitely be someone overlooking all the HR related issues. It is important to have things establish like payroll, an employee handbook, compensation and benefits. The Human Resources department is responsible for many important things that may make or break a company. From recruiting, to writing job descriptions, to training employees are primary responsibilities of the department. There is also a need to monitor employees and their performance to obtain a better work environment. This way we can establish, create and institute new policies that will benefit the company as well as the employees. So, why is it important to have an HR department? What is the benefit of creating HR policies?

Description of Organization and Strategy

The organization I will discus in this paper is a family owned roofing company, referred in this document at OR Roofing. This was the company where I worked until two months ago when I was terminated. OR Roofing has been established since 1991 and knows itself for providing exceptional roofing service. When they first began in 1991, they began working from their own house. It was operated by the owner and his wife and together they created this organization that is know working from it’s own building and has over 25 employees. The company does not have a human resource department, although I think that because of the growth of the company, there should be someone looking over the HR policies.

Because of it being a family owned, traditional company for the past 17 years, they...

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