Creating in Job Opportunity

Creating in Job Opportunity

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Job Title: Geographic Manager

Department: Utilities Department

Supervisor: Utilities Director

Perform responsible professional duties to plan, organize and manage the GIS Division of the Utilities Department. Provide a common source of related services, standards for, coordination among and support to GIS customers in other City departments. Supervise staff that collect and maintain the utilities, facilities, thematic mapping and geo-spatial land data base and produce requested products and services. Administer activities related to and supporting Right-of-Way and real estate appraisal, acqusition and disposition. Provide strategic planning and budget preparation for GIS.


This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The following examples do not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent.

Physical Strength Code ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS
1 L Develop and implement long and short-term GIS plans, goals and priorities. Participate in preparation of and manage the division budget and resources. Request proposals, negotiate and administer professional contracts for GIS services and coordinate with other departments the provision of related services. Serve as the chief technical representative on issues related to evaluation and securing software, products and services in support of the division and provide substantial input into the City’s overall GIS strategic direction. Demonstrate the ability to communicate and manage organizational change.
2 S Supervise, schedule and participate in selection of a professional and technical staff of GIS analysts, technicians, surveyors and property specialists. Support employee involvement in decision-making; provide performance evaluations and encourage people in establishing individual goals and promote positive attitudes. Produce standards, policy and methods; provide training,...

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