Creating the Purchase Requisition in Oracle

Creating the Purchase Requisition in Oracle

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Creating the Purchase Requisition in Oracle

Step 1. Home Page - Select ‘Requisitions’ on the left hand side of your Oracle Home
Page as indicated below:

This process will take some time because three browser windows will open
up. If you are logging into Oracle for the first time, you also get a window that
will prompt you to ‘grant this session’ or ‘grant always’. If you use the
computer often, it is recommended that you ‘grant always’.

Step 2. Description on Header - On the header of the window, please type in a
description of the purchase. This can be an internal number or information that will
help the Approver and Buyer identify the request. (See arrow below)

Step 3. Line Type – From the list of values,
select one that closely describes
the type purchase your line is (see screen shot below). Departmental Users will
usually use ‘Regular Order'. If you are not sure which one to select, please contact
Purchasing at extension 2161.

Step 4. Category Type – These is used to identify the commodity that you are
wanting to purchase. A commodity is an article of trade or commerce, esp. a
product as distinguished from a service; something of use, advantage, or value.

Category Description - Please note
this information when selecting your
category. The category description
will be the ‘Expenditure Type’ of the
line. This information will be used on
Step 14.

Step 5. Line Description – Use this field to enter important formation on the
product/service you are purchasing. Please be sure to include part number, stock
number and/or manufacturer numbers of items you are requesting.

Requisitions for Cellular Service, Copier Rentals, Duplicator Rentals, Pager Service,
Typewriter Maintenance and Reimbursement to Employees require that the requisition
have pertinent information. Please indicate the following information as an attachment
(Note to Buyer – See Page 40 for instructions on Attachments) to the line description.

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