Creating a Wireless Network

Creating a Wireless Network

Implementation of wireless area network into
A school environment.

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Gregory Hubbard

Implementation of wireless area network into 1
A school environment. 1
Produced By 1
Gregory Hubbard 1
Introduction, (Task 1) 3
Types of wireless networks standards. ( Task 1 cont) 4
Speed differences, Range differences, 4
Coverage 5
Hardware 5
Approximant Costing 6
Product selection 6
Cisco Wireless Controller 6
Cisco Wireless access Point 7

Introduction, (Task 1)

As part of the schools approach to maintain ample resources for students the school will implement a wireless network across the school site as well as computer suit one and two, The increase of laptops and the acceptance of the use of students own laptops to be used in the classroom. A wireless net work will allow the students to connect to the schools own intranet and the internet. Currently we have 15 laptops with cable network connections and the likely hood of 25 senior students to lease laptops all of which will now run on a wireless network. The wireless local area network will have to have enough access points to maintain consistent network coverage and to handle the students work loads. The hardware required will have to be current an antenna in each room to help maintain coverage also outside antennas to complete the coverage of an area no more than 400 meters.

Types of wireless networks standards. ( Task 1 cont)

Currently the standard for wireless net works is 802.11g but they are constantly upgrading the standard the current standard was ratified in 2003. Most new laptops have a wireless network card built in which run on this current wireless standard and could connect to a network with out the need for any new network card to be installed.

The older standards where 802.11, 802.11a and 802.11b all are still in use especially 802.11b what was the wireless network standard on computers made before 2003 and are still around today.

The current standard...

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