Creative Writing on Change

Creative Writing on Change

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It’s finally over he thought to himself. As he is finally on his way home. The one destination he has been longing for, home. He waits anxiously for his train, trying not to remember the horrors of the past, if what has occurred over the past few years. As he waits, he can’t help but flash back to the the horrid events he had to go through. The war was a terrible episode within his life. He completely regretted having to enlist to join.

The war is over but the memories stay. His views on life have completely changed and distorted. He began to see the value on life and how great it was but at the same time, how easily it can be taken away by the pull of a trigger. Was what he did the right thing? or was it just the complete opposite? He tries to imagine himself simply serving his country, protecting his people. But at what cost? The cost of the lives of the people who he was defending against? All he ever did was follow the commands that his country put forward, no questions asked. Was simply just told and went ahead with it. This war had cost lives of millions of people. Having witnessed so many deaths in such little time in his life was atrocity and it tortured his mind. The thoughts of him taking away lives of the countless soldiers who also put their life on the line for their countries. All because of politicians making decisions and using soldiers like puppets while they sit back and watch the lives of young men be taken away. These thoughts made him realise, there’s no point in fighting, no reason to it, in the end no one really wins because both sides will lose people who are sons and daughters to mums and dads out there who need to grieve regardless of what country is fighting.

In the end, he’s glad to be the few to make it out alive in that nightmare. His wife back home was pregnant during the war and now he has a 2 year old son that he has never met and is just eager to get back to his family. He didn’t want to go to war, he just wanted to stay...

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