Ever notice a house that stands out with vibrant colors compared to a neighborhood of white ones? How about a girl with unique designs of mystical creatures on her nails? Maybe you've even seen a painting with items or people in places they wouldn't normally be, like a sink in the living room? Someone had to have thought of those ideas to bring them out of there head for others to see. No matter the age, a person with a mind of magnificent as that can classified as creative.

Creativity is an important trait in some peoples everyday lives. Their creativity as a child could land them a career in writing in the future. People make a living off of a job that requires being creative. Painters are consistently selling artwork to museums and art galleries. The painting could be a simple as a box, but someone somewhere tons of thought and every stroke.

Even if you don't consider yourself "highly creative," other people's creativity can affect your life as well as their own. Almost everything you seen in your life time is a work of art in one way or another. Nothing else in the University is exactly the same, somethings can't Even be closely replicated. practically everything around you is truly a masterpiece. Even you, every item you own, and anything you've made. If you think about the world as it is today, it is easily noticeable that the daily cycle of life needs creativity to continue on.

The importance of creativity varies depending on the situation you put it in. Although it spreads and shine all around us, creativeness is not always needed in a certain time and place, but is rather wanted. You don't have to be creative to do a lot of daily things, like find a good show on TV, or get dressed in the morning. However, you do need creativity to pick out the clothes that you think matching look good, or to be interested in the show you finally pick. Even if someone did everything for you, they would require creativity to get the job done.

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