Creativity and Innovation - a Conscious Purpose

Creativity and Innovation - a Conscious Purpose

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Venugopala Krishna ,S
CIMS ,Hyderabad

Peter F.Drucker* in his famous articles “ The disciplines of innovation “(1985) wrote that “most innovations however especially the successful ones results form a conscious purposeful search for innovation opportunities which are found”

Many ideas emerge to answer to know right fuel to sustain long term business successes. The continuous change in business scenario is baffling for business promoters to sustain long on profits.

Gary Hamel, advocates control and efficiency ruled over a century is no longer valid to day. The paradigm shift for business success has thrown light on Management Innovation which has become a great hope for Management Experts to make organization “ Innovation Centric” and survive in the present competitive era.

He argued in “ The Future of Management” that Management Innovation has enabled companies cross performance hurdles and pav ed the way for success. Operational excellence , technology breakthrough, new Businesses model are out of scenario to develop competitive advantage.

IBM, Samsung, Best buy, Sony,WalMart, Infosys are some examples.

Creativity and Innovation.

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a clear distinction between the two.

Creativity is the generation of Ideas. Innovation is implementation commercially.

In the present era of globalization and severe competition, these two are key factors for survival, success and excellence of organization.
Creativity is three types, Individual, Team and Organization. Similarly innovation is categorized as incremental and radical.
The important 5 factors that organizational innovation are, climate, culture leadership style, resources, skill , structure and systems.

Innovation will...

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