Creativity & Innovation within Google Products and Services

Creativity & Innovation within Google Products and Services


Creativity and innovation has changed the world for managing organization since ages now. Any creativity or innovation in organizations leads to growth and achieve new heights of success. Organization takes the support of innovative management in terms of running their business and serves their customers in a better and innovative ways.
Nowadays employees are more empowered to think freely and implement new ideas and thoughts that benefit the organization. Also Organizational performance is more and more based on effective knowledge management and comprehensive understanding of the economic value of human capital. However, organizational culture underpins knowledge management by influencing the way members learn and share knowledge. Organizational culture has been identified as the main obstacle to knowledge management.
This report’s include scholars’ empirical researches aiming to examine the relationship between leadership and organizational creative and innovative also how overcome new changes to their culture are well developed and adopted.

Abstract 4
Creativity & Innovation within Google Products and Services 6
Introduction 6
Google and its Innovation 8
Golden History of Google 9
External Analysis 9
Global 9
Demographics 10
Technology 10
Economic 10
Political and legal 11
Socio-Cultural 11
Stakeholders 12
Internal Analysis 13
Mission Statement 13
Leadership and Culture 13
Structure 13
Culture 14
Employee Benefits 14
Transportation 15
Food 15
The 70/20/10 rule 15
Leadership 16
Conclusion 18
Reference 19
Assignment Soft Copy 21

Creativity & Innovation within Google Products and Services

Today’s managers find themselves in a world of rapid change. They must cope with great uncertainty and complexity. Markets once evolved over generations, but the increasing pace of technological change, globalization, and competition means that markets may evolve and...

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