Creativity Versus Insanity

Creativity Versus Insanity

In this ever morphing world, it is interesting to consider some sources of creativity. Whereas the majority of the population seems content to follow routines for the sole purpose of continuing its existence, there exists an eccentric and noteworthy minority; a deep well of creativity, incomprehensible to those graced with sanity. Buried in dark layers of politically-correct soil and harsh, judging faces of stone, this chasm is only accessed by hacking away at normalcy and shoveling reason and rationale to the side. Throughout history, creativity and mental divergence have followed each other like blind soldiers through a minefield.

One mentionable figure is the late post impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Over the past century, the popularity of this iconic artist has become unsurpassed. Aside from his paintings, van Gogh is perhaps best known for having cut off his ear for a woman. A definite victim of some sort of mental illness, his frustration led him to take steps unfathomable to a rational thinker, and perhaps consequently, his mind then produced great elements of beauty which transcended the reason and rhyme of sanity.

To these examples of creative insanity, we may then contrast the signature of the sane. millions of users worldwide subscribe to social networking websites like facebook and twitter, places where people come together to express themselves in tiny plain text fields, laying themselves next to each other like so many identical linoleum tiles spread across an overused public bathroom. This is a facet of reason and order; a vortex funnel of degeneracy which the disciplined mind cannot escape. Like a drug of utility and purpose rather than indulgence and dreams, order permeates mankind in opposition to the chaos that formed it. .

it can be argued that the distinction between diamond and coal (that which makes one desirable over the other) is not one of form, but of rarity.

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