Credit Cards, Loans, and Its Never Ending Line of Receipts

Credit Cards, Loans, and Its Never Ending Line of Receipts

Seth Smith Smith 1

English 12

Miss Martin

September 16 2008

Credit cards, loans, the never ending line “come on, I’ll pay it back” is the reason why most Americans are in debt. The little rationalizations or the “shop thought process” is how we justify such ridicules purchases, such as those $400.00 jeans that we “just had to have”, and only being worn once now sit at the bottom of the black hole that you call a closet. However, one of the people that stands out from this majority is my mother Sherri. She does not have a perfect system, though with a little pension and talent, she can stretch money beyond belief. I myself don’t understand that system, and that’s why I struggle with the first debtly sin of “Thou shalt not count on future earnings to pay present debt” (Anthony & Chick 4) “for most of us, as we make more we suddenly find we ‘need’ more and more things to keep us happy”. (Anthony & Chick 4) When I started making money I thought I could buy the world … or at least a very small part of it, so in an attempt to do so I overwhelmed myself and now I am slave to my credit company and my own selfish desires.

With that comes my second debtly sin “Thou shalt not pretend to be too busy to think about money” I makeup up any and every excuse to get out of thinking about money, however “we all make time for what is important to us, whether it’s going to the beach, spending a Friday night going at a favorite bar, or racing home to catch Survivor” (Anthony & Chick 8-9) I suffer from this by choice, it seems that every time I look at my budget it’s as if the hamster spinning in my brain suddenly dies and I can actually feel the blood drain from my skin. It seems that I never have the money I thought I would have. This brings me to another one of my debtly sins.

This is the one I have...

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