Credit Cards

Credit Cards

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MasterCard Gold (BCR) vs. MasterCard Gold (BRD)

1) BCR MasterCard Gold

Credit card issued in euro for resident natural persons, with revenues of at least 1.000 EUR and/or present guarantees

The transactions are made in the limit of the crediting ceiling granted to the client by the bank.
It can be used in the country or abroad, in an electronic (POS and/or ATMs) and manual environment (imprinters), anywhere the MasterCard logo appears.
Users of the BCR MasterCard Gold card benefit from a package of services the bank place sat their disposal for the period of their travels abroad:
a) Emergency assistance: reporting lost/stolen/destroyed cards, issuing cash in case of emergencies; urgently replacing the card.
b) Travel assistance: useful information on the travel; sending urgent messages, administration assistance services; fund advances; tracking lost or faultily directed luggage by the transporter, sending/replacing things of personal use.
c) Medical assistance: granting advances for medical costs; repatriation after treatment; visiting a relative in emergency situations; accommodation in case of convalescence; repatriation of body remains; repatriation of the children without supervision; issuing necessary medications etc.
d) Legal assistance: payment of trial expenses; payment of the bail.
e) Various services: reserving tickets to a show etc.
f) Insurance against accidents during the trip.
Information regarding the transaction made, the sums owed and the available credit are offered at the Service of Assistance for the card holders within the Card Division: 021 311.10.01 or 021 311.02.16
The card can be used for:
√ The payment of merchandise and services to retailers accepting cards
√ Cash withdrawal from BCR ATMs, and from the bank desks accepting cards
√ Payment, through the BCR ATMs of the current invoices for utilities/services (electricity, water, gas, salubrity, fixed and mobile phone, cable TV, etc.) according to the...

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