Creer Development 1

Creer Development 1

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Career Development Plan1

October 31, 2009

In this paper I will discuss the methods used to conduct a job analysis for new sales people for InterClean. I will identify appropriate analysis methods that the organization will implement. I will describe duties and specifications that pertain to the new sales department. I will develop a workforce planning system for my team. I will review both the hard and soft skill of the employees. Business needs and the types of positions needed on my team will be identified. The number of employees needed for the team shall be determined. An outline for employee selection, training, placement, promotion, development, and compensation shall be created. The new goals will compliment the company's new direction and a selection process. Implementation of these process will aide in reviewing the talent inventory from the workforce planning system.
Observation method, this method is used to observe the human behavior that will allow the manager to determine whether or not the worker is “effective” or “ineffective” in work, activities. This method is necessary in sales the salesperson must undergo observations of human behavior before he or she is allowed to approach a potential client. This method allows the manager to collect data about the job performance of employees by directly observing the employee at work. This data is necessary to determine whether or not the salesperson will be effective on his or her job. For example, in my line of work observation is done before the employee is hired, these observations are done to determine how much training the employee needs.
The second method of use is the structured questionnaire, the questionnaire will determine whether or not the employee understands his or her job by rating the employee on his or her responses the questions ask. The questionnaire will list different duties, and behaviors when dealing with negotiating, coordinating, and using both...

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