Crestfield Furniture: Marketing Policy and Strategy

Crestfield Furniture: Marketing Policy and Strategy

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Case Study:

Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. (B) 

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Marketing Policy and Strategy



2nd of March 2011







Executive Summary

Charlton Bate’s, President of Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. has just witnessed the merger of his company with that of Lea-Meadows Inc., a manufacturer of upholstered furniture for living and family rooms. The merger proceeded smoothly but a few necessity details were still to be answered:

  •      Is this merger working for both Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. and Lea-Meadows Inc.?

  •      Does Bates give the upholstery line of chairs and sofas to their sales force, or do they continue using the sales agents?

•     What is feasible for both companies as separate identities?

Table of Contents


Topic        Page Number


Introduction & Background      1

Situation Analysis 2  

Market position and Market Segmentation     3

S.W.O.T Analysis       6

Recommendations      7

Conclusion         8




















Introduction & Background

 Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of medium to high priced wooden furniture. Charles Bates’ great grandfather originally founded the company in the early 1900’s. They retail their products through 1,000 high quality department stores and independent furniture stores but not all stores sell all of the product range.  Crestfield have it drawn into their policy that they refuse to sell their products to furniture chain stores and discount stores.

Lea-Meadows, Inc. is a small, privately owned manufacturer of upholstered furniture for use in living and dining rooms and is more than...

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