Crime & Punishment

Crime & Punishment

In modern society we more and more often collide with violence and cruelty. Newspapers, TV, radio provide us with information, which we need. But you can meet a criminal article on every step. All of the countries try to conquer or reduce the level of crimes.

It is well known that every country has its own laws, organs of justice and prisons. In accordance with these laws we can meet different kinds of punishment. For example, in Ancient Russia the man, who stole something, had his hand chopped. If someone burnt neighbor’s shed, had to pay a fine. And for the murder the offender was put to death/

Nowadays the criminal can get the highest measure of punishment – life imprisonment. British, for example, are proud of them for being a human and civilized country and adopt soft measures against the criminals. Harsh treatment, in their opinion, doesn’t have the effect on putting them off crime.

I can wonder if these experts have ever considered other methods. If they did, they might find that there some systems seem to contradict their belief. Take a Singapore, for example: streets are clean and free from vandalism; there are fewer than 200 crimes a year.

The point about Singapore is that it is notorious for its extremely harsh system f punishment, which includes public flogging. And yet the statistic shows that no one flogged in the last five years has re-offended.

Of course, in our world existence of criminals and victims will be constant. We can escape from some problems if we are being more serious to our life and lifes of our close people.

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