Crimes from and Then There Were None

Crimes from and Then There Were None


1. Anthony Marston-
On the first night on the island, in front of everyone on the island he took a gulp of his drink. He died by drinking the Potassium Cyanide that was in his drink. Wargrave’s letter reveals that he poisoned the drink while everyone was listening to the recording.

2. Ethel Rogers-
The next morning after Marston’s death, Mr. Rogers finds he can’t wake his wife. He calls Armstrong in. Later, Armstrong concludes that Mrs. Rogers has died in her sleep. In Wargrave’s letter, it’s revealed that she was overdosed with Chloral Hydrate, a sleeping medication that was slipped in her brandy.

3. John Gordon Macarthur-
Macarthur was acting queer around midmorning while sitting watching the sea. He kept talking about how glad the end would be for him. Sometime at noon, Macarthur is found dead by Armstrong.Later, it’s revealed that Wargrave hit Macarthur in the back of the head to kill him.

4. Thomas Rogers-
In the morning on the third day, Rogers can’t be found so everyone goes looking for him. He is found dead in the little wash-house across the yard chopping wood. He was holding a little axe with a larger axe nearby that fit exactly with the gash in Rogers’s head.

5. Emily Brent-
The same morning after breakfast, Brent is left alone in the dining room. She starts to feel drowsy and hears the buzzing of a bee, similar to the bee in the nursery rhyme. She feels the prick and dies. It’s later said that Wargrave slipped the rest of his Chloral Hydrate into Emily’s coffee and a little while later injected a strong solution of cyanide into her.

6. Lawrence Wargrave-
On the third day’s night, Wargrave is found dead dressed in a judge’s robe and a judge’s wig Underneath the wig, it’s shown that Wargrave was shot in the middle of his forehead. Wargrave later states in his letter, that he faked his death with the help of Armstrong so he could confuse the murderer. The real reason was so he couldn’t be one of the...

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