criminal justice system

criminal justice system

Michael Moore
June 09, 2014
Cristopher Cannon
The term crime can be explained as unlawful acts that violate criminal law which are punishable by the state, the federal government, or local jurisdiction. What may be considered unlawful in one state, may not be unlawful in another due factors, such as motive, or location. The purpose of the relationship between law and crime is, that law was implemented to maintain social and economical order in addition to preventing crime. Laws come to be made when the majority of society deems that certain acts are always or are usually criminal.

The government structure thru the criminal justice system acknowledges only three components. In all actuality there are five the other two are prosecution, and defense attorneys. It can be broken down simply one you understand what each one does. The four primary purposes of Law Enforcement {Police} are to arrest offenders, collect evidence for investigations, make testimony during hearing, and provide follow up investigations if needed. Once Police gather the evidence the next component is Prosecution within the court process.

Lawyers representing only the state or Government who serve in Prosecution are called Prosecutors. Prosecutors have three main functions. Remain with witness throughout the entirety of trial until a verdict is reached. Analyze evidence received from police to determine if charges should be dropped or filed. Determine after questioning witnesses if plea bargain is available. In a nutshell it is the responsibility of a prosecutor to make choices on how to prosecute the case on behalf of the state.

The role of a defense attorney is to advocate for the accused, by giving unbiased representation in court. The four types of defense attorneys are, public defenders, civil defense attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and juvenile defense attorneys. Public defenders are attorneys from state government, appointed to those that cannot afford...

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