Criminology and Criminal Justice
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Criminology uncovers the culture of crime and the workings of the criminal justice system, including the police, courts, prosecution services, prisons, and rehabilitation in all of which there is tremendous scope for improvement and reform. The basic purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to deal with those who commit or are accused of committing acts against individuals and society that have been deemed to be crimes.  Crimes are the reason for the system's existence.

Criminology is the social science approach to the study of crime as an individual and social phenomenon. Criminological research areas include the incidence and forms of crime as well as its causes and consequences. They also include social and governmental regulations and reactions to crime. Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in the behavioral sciences, drawing especially on the research of sociologists and psychologists, as well as on writings in law. Criminology is all about crime and punishment. It is an exciting inter disciplinary subject that draws on sociology, psychology and law to examine how crime is defined, why people commit crimes, and how society responds. Criminology is that branch of social science,which deals with the study of crime in an individual and society.
Criminal justice is the system of practices, and organizations, used by national and local governments, directed at maintaining social control, deterring and controlling crime, and sanctioning those who violate laws with criminal penalties. When processing the accused through the criminal justice system, government must keep within the framework of laws that protect individual rights. The system of law enforcement, the bar, the judiciary,...

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