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In the first situation of the person leaving a different electronic store fitting the

Description of one of the suspects, who was also wearing a heavy winter coat

In the middle of summer, the police pulled over to speak with this person and

Had conducted a proper search and seizure because of the fact the person they

Had 1) fit the description and 2) the person was wearing a heavy coat in the middle

Of summer. Upon searching the person they did find electronics as well as an

Illegal handgun. I do believe they did conduct a proper search and seizure due to

Evidence they had, the description of the suspect and the fact of the heavy jacket.

The suspects Forth Amendment Rights were not violated because when there

Is probably because which in this case there was, they have a right to do a search. His

Miranda rights were read to him and he was arrested. After being taken to the station

For further questioning, the suspect then identified the second suspect that was involved.

The police they went and had a warrant issued for the second suspect. When they arrived

The suspect was not home, however a 14 year old was, they told the 14 year old of the

Warrant and entered the home after the 14 year old gave a nod. Police began to

Search the house and found marijuana and unidentifiable pills, but however did

Not find items described in the robberies. The suspect returned home and was

Put under arrest and police continued to search garage finding a digital camera

And video games still in the packaging. I do believe it was reasonable and

There was probable cause to get a warrant because the first suspect gave them

The information on the second suspect. On the first suspect the evidence was

That he fit part of the description, he was leaving an electronic place quickly and

He was wearing a winter jacket in the hot summer. The second suspect there was

Reasonable cause and evidence of the first suspect...