Crisis of Human Society

Crisis of Human Society


Human society is facing a serious crisis in various spheres of life. The most serious aspect of this crisis is its economic structure wherein prevail two different and mutually opposed economic objectives. On the one side, man is facing an acute shortage of material necessities required for his very existence. This paucity of material necessities is badly affecting man's moral and spiritual growth and it further results in tremendous wastage of his time and energy in the pursuit of food and other necessities. If necessities of life are made available to him as a matter of routine, the same energy and time would be utilized for better purposes. On the other side, there exists a rich materialistic economic system, which no doubt, provides material comforts to man, but it has not been able to ensure real happiness to mankind on account of its excessive emphasis on the needs and comforts of the 'body' while altogether ignoring the needs and values of the 'spirit'.

Coming to the social aspect of man's life, we find that social conditions have deteriorated to an alarming degree-mainly due to the increasing influence of materialism and larger faith in the hedonistic philosophy of life. They have deepened the elements of corruption, hatred and other social evils, and have brought about loss of faith in the values of truth, sincerity, simplicity and life based on ethical and moral principles.

So far as the political activities of the 'state' are concerned, they are being largely motivated by 'power politics'. Instead of ensuring the welfare of mankind which should be considered the 'state's real purpose and objective, the 'state' is being largely driven by the shallow motive-'power for power's sake'. Thus the absence of foresight, sincerity and intellectual and moral qualities among political leaders has left society in a state which is bound to spell ruin and damnation to society-perhaps sooner than later.

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