Crisis State

Crisis State

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SC is a 79 year old with a very interesting, active past. After talking with him throughout the day I learned that when he was just 18 years old, he had started his own flower business, delivering flowers from southern California to southern Origen, and a few stops throughout California. By the age of 20 he was working construction, building houses, and doing a lot of side jobs for extra cash so he could take his high school sweet heart out on dates. By the age of 27 the construction company he had been working for, closed its doors due to the owner getting really sick and dying. SC took some time off work trying to figure out what he really wanted to do in life. After about six months he says he still didn’t have anything figured out so he went to work for a friend of his at a liquor store.
Late one night while working at the store, he says another man entered carrying a gun demanding cash. SC gave the man everything he had in the register, but the man still fired his gun. The bullet had hit SC in the neck. That was the day everything changed for SC, he even said that was the day he thought he was going to meet God. Luckily the bullet did not kill him, but unfortunately the gunshot wound did make him a quadriplegic. From that day one, SC has been battling a lot in his life.

SC is a well maintained man with a full grey beard. He says he has had his beard for over thirty years now and does not want it gone. SC is a thin man who appears sick. His arms and legs have no muscle tone. He has very little controlled movement of his arms and only involuntary movement of his legs. His fingers and toes are contracted and have no manageability. SC is able to wash his face and brush his teeth every morning with little assistance.

SC is alert and oriented, however, behavioral problems exists. He is upset most days and says that he feels different and feels like people don’t treat him like they treat others who have full function of...

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