Critical Human Resources

Critical Human Resources

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Critical Human Resource Perspectives (M101)


Neil Griffiths (GRI07417388)

Concept – Selection & Promotion process.

PGCert in Management
The concept I have chosen to discuss is the West Midlands Fire Services’ selection and promotion process. I believe this to be a major problem within the fire service at this moment in time.
Within this area I would like discuss 2 specific processes which are:
1. Initial recruitment and selection process which allows entry into the fire service to serve as a firefighter.
2. The promotion process from firefighter to supervisory manager.

As you will read there are numerous areas within both of these processes that need to be addressed. I aim to provide from this document not just an analytical view but to suggest a number of possible solutions.

Process 1 – Initial recruitment and selection
I have chosen to assess the initial recruitment process because it is one of the first points of contact with the fire service and so should therefore show the fire service in a positive way. This process consists of 6 stages:

Application form. Entrance test. Practical selection test.

Initial training Medical. Interview.

Application form – This form is quite good as it is self explanatory, easy to understand and complete. This form has also just been made a national document so it is the same for all potential fire-fighters all across the country.
Entrance test – this is a combination of awareness and mental tests that provide in my opinion a comprehensive assessment of an individuals skills in relation to the skills required to become a fire fighter.

Practical selection tests – this is where the process begins to fall down. In the past this was recognised as an extremely physically demanding test, with only people with the required strength and mental toughness getting selected through to the next stage. This test day has now been changed to allow people with...

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