Critical Review for Electric Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Critical Review for Electric Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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The aim of this assignment is to prepare a critical review for electric hybrid and electric vehicles. Due to emission in big cities, and to limit the dependency on fossil fuel alternative methods to power vehicle are researched. Hybrid vehicles are powered by two sources of power, combustion engine and electric motor. An electric vehicle is powered by a group of battery. Electric vehicles do reduce emission during use but their electricity is generated in most cases from coal, which produces carbon dioxide. Hybrid vehicles do not eliminate emission too as they use combustion engine. Their technology is not well developed yet, as they do not meet the requirements of most users in terms of acceleration and distance range. Also these types of vehicle are very expensive to purchase compared to a conventional vehicle. Many automotive manufacturers are researching fuel cell technologies at present, due to the current technology of batteries and to lower emission.


It all started officially in 1993 as a five year plan between the U.S Department of Energy and three Automotive car manufacturer General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler.
Electric vehicles have been around for many years. Their battery technology has limited their places in the mainstream market. Automotive manufacturers as well as government are investing heavily to make these a success.
Many countries such as the UK and USA have passed laws that require vehicle manufacturers to reduce emissions to help fight air pollution. One way to reduce emissions is to burn less petrol per mile travelled. Some of the more efficient vehicles available today can travel 40 to 45 miles per gallon of fuel. Another way to reduce emissions is to use alternative fuels.
Hybrid Vehicle
A hybrid vehicle can be classified as a vehicle, which is powered by two or more sources of power. A common hybrid vehicle is a moped as it is powered by a petrol engine as well as pedal power of its...

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