Critique Paper

Critique Paper

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In this paper I will be critique my performance on Week 3 presentation. During my speech, I was unorganized and unprepared. I showed my weakness and my performance. I perceive to have a lot of strengths and weakness when presenting and front of a audience.

Good improvements are:

Good eye contact- I was able to connect with the audience and grab there attention with the topic. I was told to practice on a friendly face and the audience. I pace myself to try to look at everyone for at least 5 seconds. A smile letting them know that I 'm trustworthy giving them reasons to accept my ideas.

Good posture- I showed good posture by showing confidence in my topic. I decide to stand still not moving to much to distract the audience. I place myself in a natural position so I will be relax and calm.

Good energy level- My energy level was good. I spoke using a calm and pleasant voice. I use my nervousness to add excitement to my personality. I was able to control myself and relax after I started getting into my information.

Pauses between ideas- During my speech I was able to pause by waiting a second before I continue to the next idea. I use "hum" when I was trying to find the right words to say.

Need improved strengths:

Organization- I was not organized for the speech, my information did not give a lot of details.
My speech did not flow from one point to the next.

Humor- I tried to deliver humor and my speech and it turn out to be a bad idea. I will like to learn how to add a little humor to any speech.

Hands gesture- when delivering a speech sometime it good to use hands gestures to help out your speech. I will like to learn simple hands gesture to help me improve in myself.

List of specific areas I plan to work only:
Voice projection- I will like to stand still and pitch my speech a little louder.

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