Crj 311

Crj 311

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Welcome to homicide Case Study

CRJ 311 Forensics

This episode was filmed in Richmond, VA and Cleveland, OH, the forensic specialists in the police departments filmed for CRIME 360 have a new tool in their forensic arsenal: state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners, which enable investigators to remotely measure, model and diagram crime scenes with significant detail, preserving the precise original crime scene forever. The episode also shows the first of rookie Homicide Detective Shane Waite. Forensic science and its developments help the detectives find the crime scene, test and gather testimonial and physical evidence, and reenact the crime scene to help interrogation. Long after the crime scene is gone, investigators can virtually return to the scene of the crime to test out theories and compare evidence results to an investigation that leads to a confession.
Forensic science is regarded as an essential component in the resolution of crimes and law enforcement. Collecting and deciphering evidence properly and preserving crime scenes are two of the most important elements in crime-solving. Forensic Science is any aspect of science as it relates to the law. In most cases, Forensic Science is the application of the scientific method to solving mysteries. Forensic Science is used in public, in court, or in the justice of the law. Forensic Science teaches us how to listen to the dead and to everything and everyone in any way connected to a crime. It is the eyes and ears behind the dead and the missing. It picks up clues, and with a little molecular and biological testing, perhaps a pattern analysis or two it can reveal the past to us. Forensic Science is commonly used to investigate criminal cases that may involve a victim, rape, kidnapping, robbery, an assault, and even murder. Consequently, technological advances are relevant to the limited and challenging forensic science field. Also, it is a field wherein technical aptitude is attained only by the...

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