CRJ 320 WK 2 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3

CRJ 320 WK 2 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3

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´╗┐CRJ 320 WK 2 Quiz 2 Chapter 2,3
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1. Which are permanent written records of the facts of a case to be used in further investigation, in writing reports and in prosecuting the case?
a. field notes c. investigative notes
b. tape recordings d. stenographer notes

2. Record all information that helps to answer the questions of
a. Who? What? Which? When? How? and Why?
b. Who? What? Where? When? How? and Why?
c. Which? When? Why? Where? and How many?
d. Why? When? and Why or why not?

3. When taking notes, the investigator should
a. ignore unimportant items.
b. write only the important items.
c. learn to select key facts and record them in abbreviated form.
d. never take notes but always memorize things verbatim and record them later.

4. One of the disadvantages of photographs is that
a. they can be taken immediately and thus the crime scene processors have not prepared the scene.
b. they are not selective.
c. they are not admissible into court.
d. they are only allowed in court if black and white.

5. When taking photographs/videotape, the investigator should
a. take the primary points of concern or interest.
b. take only those shots wanted by the prosecutor.
c. examine the scene from all sides and take only the sides of the crime scene that show the best view.
d. take sufficient photographs and/or videotape to reconstruct the entire scene.

6. Types of investigative photography include
a. crime scene and mug shots.
b. aerial, night and laboratory pictures.
c. lineup photographs and those related to crime scenes.
d. all of these choices.

7. Which of the following does a crime scene sketch accomplish?
a. accurately portrays the physical facts
b. relates to the sequence of events at the scene
c. establishes the precise location and relationship of objects and evidence at the scene
d. all of...

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