Cross Country Relocation

Cross Country Relocation

Cross Country Relocation Outline

When making the decision to relocate cross-country many factors must be taken into consideration. What part of the country do I want to relocate to? Is schooling important if I have children? How will the move affect my family? When is a good time to make the move? These are just a few of the factors to consider.

I. Choose the region of the country to relocate to
A. What are the factors for the desired area
1. Work
a. Are jobs available?
2. Schools
a. Are the schools right for my children?
3. Family
a. How far will I be from my family?
4. Housing
a. Is there affordable housing?
B. Visit the desired area

II. Discuss the affects of the move on the family
A. Friends
1. Ability to keep in touch with old friends
2. Ability to make new friends
B. Schooling
1. Adjustment period for children
C. Family
1. Leaving family in our old town
2. Reconnecting with family in our new town

III. Make the move
A. When is the ideal time
1. Summer months
2. Winter months
B. Prepare the emotions
1. Family
2. Friends
C. The move
1. Travel
a. hiring movers vs. self moving
b. flying vs. driving

The information needed for this outline includes deciding on a place to relocate to, how it will affect your family, and actually making the move. To obtain this information you can use several sources. One source would be to search online periodical databases for magazine and newspaper articles regarding cross country moves or relocation. Another source would be to search the web to find interviews or articles from someone who has actually made a cross-country move. To research this topic some keywords you might use would be: relocation, cross-country moves, and moving with children. Researching this topic should bring a significant amount of information due to the amount of people relocating every year.

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