In the Crucible does John Proctor deserve to die?

In the play the Crucible by McDougal Littlell, that character John deserves to die.
John Proctor lived in a very religious time period in Salem during 1962. Salem, was a very strict
community. They based everything on the bible, so basically the bible was their law. And anyone
who went against anything the bible said would be punished or even excommunicated from the
church, which sometimes caused death, such as hangings, and executions. John Proctor
deserves to because he didn’t stop Abigail, and innocent people lost their lives. He had an affair
with his wife Elizabeth, and continually lied to her. He denied ever being with Abigail at first. He
said that God was dead. An he lied to the court.

One of the quotes in the play are when Abigail said “And now you bid me the light
out of my eyes”. This quote is showing how John took away all her innocence and hope. John
also lied to his Wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth said “John you are not open with me”. John didn't tell
Elizabeth the truth, and he lied about seeing Abigail us well as the affair. And John said that
“God is dead”, and back then that was one of the most biggest sins you could have committed,
`knowing how strict Salem was in that time period. It shows that lost his faith in the church and
in God, and he does not believe in him anymore.

Some people might disagree with me and say that humans make mistakes and
that John does not deserve to die. And that the death penalty is to harsh of a punishment. But
that one mistake John made didn’t just affect Elizabeth but affected a lot of people in Salem.
People were being tortured, punished, brutally being executed, hanged and excommunicated
from the church. Because he did not speak sooner many innocent people lost their lives.

In conclusion I believe that John Proctor deserves to die. He has made two much
mistakes. And because of this many innocent people have lost their...

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