Crusher Model C100 Aggregation

Crusher Model C100 Aggregation

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Crusher model c100 can be different sizes of raw materials, broken into small pieces of uniform particles, crusher model c100 either supporting and beneficiation equipment, sand and gravel equipment can also be used alone. crusher model c100 can produce the cornerstone of the road, railway ballast stone and construction sand and gravel aggregate. The crusher model c100 divided into coarse crushing crusher model c100 and crushing crusher model c100, which is commonly referred to as PE series crusher model c100 and PEX series crusher model c100. crusher model c100 production products, has crushing, product uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance, low operation cost characteristics.

The main factors that generally affect the crusher model c100 nip angle and the number of revolutions. Nip angle is moving Hubei and the angle between the fixed jaw. According to the calculation of the maximum nip angle up to 32 degrees. The actual use are less than 25 degrees, typically about 18-20 degrees. Nip angle is too large, make up the ore crushing cavity extrusion, resulting in injuries or damage to other equipment, at the Fote time as the nip angle increases (broken than increase) decrease in productivity. Adjust the size of the port of discharge, and also change the size of the nip angle. In real life, according to the row of ore particle size to adjust the size of the discharge mouth.

Therefore, to ensure that the product size requirements, try to Pai mine mouth amplification is reasonable. Pai mine mouth size can be adjusted by adjusting the block to adjust the size of the port of discharge, pay attention to the broken relationship between the ratio and productivity. Rock Crusher have many advantages which mainly used in breaking a variety of ore and the medium-size chunk of materials. Rock Crusher is not only able to be used together with mine-selecting and gravel processing equipments but also be used independently. Rock Crusher is...

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