Crystel Change Management Plan

Crystel Change Management Plan


CrysTel Change Management Plan

CrysTel Change Management Plan

CrysTel, a manufacturing company which produces technological related equipment and supplies, is in dire need for organizational change. However, change does not always occur smoothly. Many implications generally result from organizational change. Leadership, communication, and trust, are all qualitative components which are challenged during change. Proper implementation of these components generally enables most organizational changes to have substantial impacts.
The changes CrysTel are about to undergo are tedious and consequential. If these changes are not precisely implemented according to the plan, failure is definitely a possibility. These changes will hopefully enable CrysTel to further develop and become a leader in their respective market. Implications of change, a change model, appropriate leadership styles, progression monitoring, and leadership challenges are all obstacles CrysTel will encounter in regard to their organizational change strategy.

Major Implications of the Change
As with any organization, implications derived from any kind of change will generally present themselves. These implications range from minor personnel problems to severe logistical challenges. After going over the simulation numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that the marketing department, as well as the overall employee morale, are two areas that could be changed to better facilitate the organization. However, challenges associated with their changes will unfortunately be present. I find it clear that the Marketing Department could use change in the area of team building and departmental organization, while employees could use some change in the way they are managed and treated.
The Marketing Department is struggling in regard to team work within their department. The employee...

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