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Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

Module 1:
Preparing to Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector


A teacher within Community Learning and Skills Development has a full teaching role and is required to perform all elements within the teaching lifecycle; planning, delivering, assessing and reviewing.

A teacher is required to produce schemes of work and session plans when designing new courses. Within the classroom a teacher will continually assess a learner, negotiate personal goals with a learner and ensure that the content of the course is contextualised and personalised for all learners; essentially maintaining inclusion for all learners on a course. A teacher must also document the learning that is taking place in a classroom and be able to provide it as evidence in accordance with RARPA and review and reflect on both their learner’s progress and their own planned and actual delivery.

It is essential to the successful delivery of a course that a teacher establishes well defined boundaries within the classroom. A teacher should be professional and should take care to disclose personal information. A teacher should check for inappropriate behaviour and should always correct it when observed. Specifically in the lifelong learning sector a teacher should always remember that they are not a councillor but they should always have appropriate information at hand to signpost learners to support.
Within the lifelong learning sector there are many organisations; the most important to the teacher is the Institute for Learning (IfL) as everyone in the teaching profession within the lifelong learning sector are required to be members. Therefore the IfL’s Code of Professional Practice forms the essential ground rules for all teachers and even when specific learning organisations have their own Code of Professional Practice it will compliment that of the IfL.

Two key aspects of the IfL Code of Professional Practice that have a...