Ct Scans

Ct Scans

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CAT Scans 2

Computed Tomography
Over past decades there have been many advances in medical imaging as a whole, one of the most important aspects of this is computed tomography. Sense the early 1970’s computed tomography has revolutionized radiology today. There are many risks while taking CT scans due to radiation exposure, but it also has many benefits.
The invention of computed tomography is considered to be the greatest innovation in the field of radiology since the discovery of x-rays. For centuries, people understood the mathematical principles behind tomography reconstruction, but this process required the power of computers so giving a CT scan was not possible before the digital revolution. (Cleveland Clinic, 2010) Computed tomography is also well known as a CAT scan, a CAT scan is a special type of imaging test involving the use of multiple scanners that take three dimensional pictures of the body using x-rays and technology of computers. The radiologist gives the computer basic instructions regarding the number of pictures to take, their thickness, the angles, and other aspects of the scan. (Sherrow, 2007, p. 63) The computer can then convert the signals into pixels that appear on a screen forming a quick image. With this new breakthrough in technology computers can improve the CT scan images in different ways. (Sherrow, 2007, p. 63) They can now obtain clearer images of body parts that cannot be seen with the traditional x-ray. CT scans are generally used for imaging any body structure or organ, including bones, soft tissues, organs, blood vessels, the spiral column, and the brain. It is a better imaging device over the traditional

CAT Scans 3

x-rays, and as a result, had become a mainstay in medical imaging departments. (Sherrow, 2007, p. 63)
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was the first scientist to observe and record X-rays, first finding them on November 8, 1895. He had been messing around with a set of cathode ray instruments and was...

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