Ctlls 1a Theory

Ctlls 1a Theory

Task 1A Theory by Lee Tomlinson
Equality, definition “The quality of being the same in quantity, measure, value or status” I have quoted from the Word web Dictionary as this sets the tone for the subject.

I believe that we are required to lead by example when we refer to equality, first by our initial response when meeting people, second by demonstrating even treatment of everyone we meet and teach. When we are teaching it is important that we treat all people the same regardless of background, age, race, colour or religion, this will benefit the students by denying the opportunity for barriers to be created, giving the students a greater chance to settle in their environment.

G Petty (2004) says “All students must feel that they are positively and equally valued and accepted, and that their efforts to learn are recognised, and judged without bias.”

Enforcing equality in the classroom will help protect the students; this is shown in the manner that we address issues arising in the classroom.

The TBG Learning Equality and Diversity Policy & Statement states” Every employee and learners is entitled to an environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.”

This policy shows the need for enforcement, if we fail to do this we are showing ignorance to certain aspects of equality and therefore failing on the whole, this can only have negative results. When we promote equality in the classroom we are actively preventing certain issues from arising and in return protect people’s dignity.

Diversity meaning many different things, this is used when planning and delivering lessons. We have to take in to account that people have different needs; this takes many different forms from learning styles, race, religion, sex, age, disability and nationality, by considering the impact of these things within groups of people we are able to provide the support necessary to ensure the students are...

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