Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

1 –
Give in to Soviet Demands, but secretly agree to withdraw missiles.

Pros –
Will prevent war and invasions.
Will reveal if Khrushchev is actually the head of the government or a puppet.

Cons –
Will reveal that they have out of date technology in the missiles in Turkey.
May be too late.
It may start a continuous trade between Soviets and America.

2 –
Attack the Cuban missile sites with airstrikes –

Pros –
Chance of eliminating sites.
Less casualties than if invasion occurred.

Cons –
High risk to those involved.
Little survival rate.
Will begin a war between America and the Soviets.
Will still be military activity in the area.
Cost more since there is a high chance of planes being destroyed and shot down.

3 –
Attack the missile sites and invade Cuba –
Pros –
Eliminates missile sites.
Eliminates military activity in the area.

Cons –
High casualty rate.
High risk.
Will start war between Soviets and America.

Regarding Khrushchev’s demand to never invade Cuba and for America to secretly withdraw their missiles from Turkey, it is the most recommended option. It will aid in the finding out if Khrushchev is really the head of the government and not a puppet to Soviet control and it is also potentially the most effective method of controlling Soviet activity, missile construction and deployment of armed forces in outlying countries and continents. This option does come at a price though. We may have to reveal that our missiles have in fact become obsolete and out dated, this will bring danger to our country and will leave Turkey susceptible to attacks from Soviet forces. Through this deal, there is always the chance that the Soviets will be continually unhappy with our deals, they may continuously ask for more and more until we cannot accommodate their request, then what will happen? We will not be able to agree and all of the deals will be for nothing, the end result will still be war. This...

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