Cubans in Florida

Cubans in Florida

The reason for the large amount of Cubans in Florida goes all the way back to 1763, when

England acquired Florida from Spain, and many Floridians escaped to Cuba. Families that

entered the country received thirty-three acres of land and a black slave that helped them settle

on the island. Also, most Cubans don't know that Cubans participated on their side during the

American Revolutuion. (Pando, 1).

The political conditions have caused many Cubans to flee and come to America. Because of that

many of them end up settling in Florida because of the location, proximity. It is exactly because Cuba's

location just 90 miles from the Florida Keys its modern history has always been influenced by the

United States (Pando, 2).

he United States and the Cuban Revolution

Fidel Castro's triumphant march into Havana on January 8, 1959, concluded an insurrection that

he and a handful of rebels had initiated only twenty-five months earlier. The overwhelming majority of

the Cuban people recognized Castro as a revolutionary hero, who despite tremendous odds had

defeated the corrupt and brutal dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. (Masud- Piloto, 19).

The rebel leader promised social, economic and political reforms and his people egaerly awaited those

The United States, the initial public reaction to Castro's victory was favorable and hopeful.

Most major newspapers provided front-page coverage of the events and high praise for Castro's

accomplishments. The New York Times: “One other thing must be said this is an aknowledgement to

extraordinary young man, Fidel Castro, who fought against such heavy odds with such tenacity,

bravery, and intelligence ever since his pathetically weak band of youths landed in Oriente Province on

December 2, 1956. A great burden now falls on his shoulders, and a task harder in its way than the

stuggle for liberty that has now ended. The American people will...

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