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Matt Spagnola
1st Period

My eyes and attitude are always ready to get work done on the football field. I work with my peers almost every day to make sure they are always giving their best. I focus on marching fundamentals with the low brass section by my side. My job is to monitor, correct, and observe the high school marching band as the section leader. Marching fundamentals, playing music, and showing up to practice every day are all very important.

Being a leader who has to correct my friends has been difficult to say the least. I am never sure if my friends in the band will cooperate with me that day or not. Regardless, I push them to give all of their effort every day. Being a leader for my section in the band gives me the opportunity to know what each of my friends is capable of doing. Based on how the members perform in practice, I work differently with each of them to help them be their best at a performance. Band has been part of my life since the 4th grade, and I know what it is like to learn something new. It is hard to learn something new when you’ve never done something like that before. Marching in the band was new for me when I became a freshman at Richards High School. Now that I am a senior, I can help others by telling them that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about getting better every day.

I love what I do, and even if I don’t get along with everyone off the football field, I continue to push them to be their best for the good of the marching band. I am very dedicated, and have even cleaned the band room after everyone has left. In the future, I hope to not only be successful myself, but help others succeed too. I will do this by practicing every day on my own until I get it down to where it is perfect. I will help others by taking time out of my day to work with them individually. I will never stop doing this because it is my passion.

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