Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

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Racial and Ethnic Groups Chapter 2

This is a multiple choice, short answer and essay quiz. Each multiple choice question is worth 2 points, short answer are 2 points and essay questions are 5 points for a total possible of 60 points. There is only one correct response for each numbered item, and you should use the Schaefer text as needed to determine the best response.

Place all of your answers on this answer sheet, save to your file, and to submit, upload via the Assignments tab.

Essay answers must include citations and a reference listing, in APA format. Your answers should be between 100 and 150 words for Essay

1.The tendency to assume that one’s culture and way of life are superior to all others is known as

a. cultural relativism.
b. discrimination.
c. exploitation
d. ethnocentrism. X

2. Prejudice is
a. negative attitude, not behavior. X
b. aimed at individuals, not groups.
c. negative behavior, not an attitude.
d. based on accurate definitions.

3. Which of the following is an ethnophaulism?
a. The employer refused to consider the application from a qualified Norwegian American.
b. The job applicant thought he was refused the position because he was not Black.
c. The personnel manager told the applicant that she had excellent work experience for a woman. X
d. all of these

4. The process of denying certain opportunities and equal rights or privileges to individuals and groups is known as
a. prejudice.
b. assimilation.
c. discrimination. X
d. ethnocentrism.

5. Reluctant liberals are those who
a. discriminate in an overt fashion.
b. discriminate if there is social pressure to do so. X
c. harbor prejudice but do not express it.
d. can express prejudice only in a group.

6. LaPiere’s study in the early 1930s involving travel with a Chinese couple to places of business indicated that most people who participated in the follow-up questionnaire were...

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