Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration

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Leaders must know how to integrate corporate cultures
ICM公司的专家指出中国企业要想跻身国际领先行列必须学会如何融合不同的企业文化。 By Marc Raynaud

培训师 职业经理人 管理者必备的 英文词汇
经验法 the empirical approach 人际行为法 the interpersonal behavior approach 集体行为法 the group behavior approach 协作社会系统法 the cooperative social systems approach 社会技术系统法 the socialtechnical systems approach 决策理论法 the decision theory approach 数学法 the mathematical approach 系统法 the systems approach 随机制宜法 the contingency approach 管理任务法 the managerial roles approach 经营法 the operational approach 人际关系 interpersonal relations 心理学 psychology 压力 pressure 冲突 conflict 招聘 recruit 鉴定 appraisal 选拔 select 培训 train 报酬 compensation 授权 delegation of authority 协调 coordinate 业绩 performance 表现 behavior 下级 subordinate 偏差 deviation 检验记录 inspection record 误工记录 record of labor-hours lost 销售量 sales volume 产品质量 product quality 先进技术 advanced technology


HINESE LEADERS now have one thing in mind. they want to belong to the fortune 500 worldwide leading groups. The race has started and they go out with different strategies: nTCL’s Chairman Li Dong Sheng and Jason Sun, Cellon’s chairman went the cross border acquisition route in acquiring European companies. nDongfeng Motor’s CEO Miao Wei, whose very large group was in a different situation, has chosen to invite a successful foreign company, Nissan Motor, to share 50 % of its equity. The declared intention there is to promote the adoption of best management practices and provide a strong performance orientation for the benefits of all stakeholders. nA third route in a service business has been recently followed by China Southern Airlines’Chairman Yan Zhiqing who will probably join the fast growing SkyTeam Alliance created by Air France, Delta and Korean Air. Why corporate culture aspects are so important? So far experience shows that more than 50% of these crossborder mergers and acquisitions lead to disappointments: reshuffling of the management teams, change of CEO, and finally sell off or dismantling of the...

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