Cultural Profile of Mattel

Cultural Profile of Mattel

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Cultural Profile

Mattel Inc
333 Continental Blvd. El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
Slogan / Motto
The World's Mattel
Widely recognized for manufacturing Barbie dolls and Fisher-Price, Mattel Inc. makes children's toys, such as Matchbox cars, as well as Sesame Street, Barney, Walt Disney, and Harry Potter items and action figures.
Mission Statement
Mattel makes a difference in the global community by effectively serving children in need. Partnering with charitable organizations dedicated to directly serving children, Mattel creates joy through the Mattel Children's Foundation, product donations, grant making and the work of employee volunteers. We also enrich the lives of Mattel employees by identifying diverse volunteer opportunities and supporting their personal contributions through the matching gifts program.

1. How accurate is the organization’s mission and vision?
Answer: The company stands by its statement of enriching the lives of employees by their wonderful employee benefits. 13 paid holidays, on site child care, and half-days on Fridays, just to name a few, are some the benefits enjoyed by employees of this company. We go above and beyond simply making toys for children as evidenced by our good works with our children’s foundation.
2. What does the organization value most?
Answer: Children
3. How does the organization want to look?
Answer: We want to be seen as a caring, family focused, company committed to our customers and their children.
4. Who is responsible for guiding the organization?
Answer: The company leadership is compromised of CEO Robert Eckert, along with several other vice presidents (world wide operations, corporate responsibility, etc)
5. Where does the organization want to go?
Answer: We want to continue to be seen as a worldwide leader in the production of quality children’s toys, as well as being dedicated to the entire well being of the children we serve.

1. Employee Focused...

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