Culture and Identity

Culture and Identity

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Frisenda 1

The theme of culture and identity has shaped mostly every one through out their many people are content to allow for this so happen for the rest of their lives. In the stories Marriage is a private affair by Chinua Achebe, Guests of the nation by Frank O’Connor, I have a dream by Martin Luther King Jr, To live in the borderlands means you by Gloria Anzaldua, and Immigrants by Pat Mora. Culture affects the identity of everyone.
In the story Marriage is a private affair a young man falls in love with a girl not part of his tribe. He wishes to marry this women but this is against his father’s wishes because in their culture you mush follow tradition and tradition says that you marry from your own tribe. The young man makes a decision to break away from this tradition and to form his own identity away from his culture. This is a prime example of a strong individual capable of breaking away from tradition. The breaking up of families due to culture is a very sad thing that happens way to often.
In the short story written by Frank O’Conner Guests of the nation there is a war going on between the Irish and the English. Most wars have been fought over due to two different cultures clashing and not getting along. This is one prime example of how important culture is for some they are willing to go to war and die to defend it. In Guests of the nation two soldiers had the duty of watching two prisoners of war and to detain them as they get to know the prisoners they begin to realize how similar the enemy is to them, just because they have differing cultures they share a similar human trait the desire to live.
Frisenda 2

In the speech I have a Dream Mr. Martin Luther King Jr, speaks of freedom from racial segregation, a freedom from hate and dispute. He can see that in the future if America would not change its ways of hate and racial disputes we would not last or prosper. He sees a country with many differing cultures and everyone having...

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