Culture Challenges

Culture Challenges

Culture Challenges 1
Running head: The Culture Challenges of Doing Business Overseas

Culture Challenges
Tomisha Shuler
University of Phoenix

Culture Challenges 2
A major challenge of doing business internationally is to adapt effectively to different cultures. Such adaptation requires an understanding of cultural diversity, perception, stereotypes, and values (Hodgett and Luthans, 2006). Doing business overseas has its challenges as well as its rewards. Because different cultures exist in the world, an understanding of the impact of culture on the behavior is critical in international trade. Steve Kafka, an American of Czech decent is contemplating expanding his franchise, Chicago Style Pizza, into Prague, Czech Republic. Although he was born in the United States, he has family and friends in the Czech Republic. He is very aware of the people and the culture. This paper will examine the cultural differences and incompatibilities between the United States and Czech. The comparative advantages as well as the trade barriers of doing business in Czech will also be discussed.

Culture Challenges 3
Differences and Incompatibilities Between U.S. and Czech Cultures
The United States’ population is the third largest in the world, and is growing at roughly .9% per year. The predominant language, English, is spoken by most citizens. About 90 % of the population professes some religious belief. Americans tend to be frank and outspoken. People voice their opinions and share their views on a variety of subjects. The United States has the world’s largest, most diverse, and most technically advanced economy.
Czech Republic’s population consist of 10.23 million is...

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