Culture Change

Culture Change

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29th June 2009

To whom it may Concern:

MAS Active (private) Limited – Linea Intimo is an enterprise within MAS Holdings (pvt) Limited, the largest exporter of intimate apparel and sportswear in Sri Lanka. Linea Intimo project is one of the largest investments in Sri Lanka for the manufacture of knitted seamless body-wear, mainly catering to the upper market of Europe and USA.

Mr. Kushana Perera has been in the employment at Linea Intimo from May 2004 to July 2009. He joined the company in the capacity of Management Trainee in Design & Development and performed duties for an year in the post and thereafter his career was,

• May 2005 to April 2008 – Design Engineer

• May 2008 to July 2009 – Assistant Manager in Development Engineering

Mr. Perera had a rewarding and excellent career at Linea Intimo. He has a great knowledge and in-depth understanding about seamless apparel designing and manufacturing in both technical and management areas. He was given an extensive training at the machine manufacturer Santoni Company in Italy about the Design Software & Technology and also was given training in Yarn Manufacturing Technology at Contifibre in Italy.

Apart from his regular duties, Kusahana was actively involved in the Lean Manufacturing Process implementation at Linea Intimo where he was instrumental in the area of production process development.

It is a privilege to have Kushana in the Intimo team and he was an honest and sincere person who is extremely committed to his work. He would be a very valuable asset indeed for any concern and the management would be pleased to recommend him undoubtedly for any responsible position and would like to wish him all the success for his future endeavors.

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