Culture Iusse

Culture Iusse

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Culture plays a cordinal part in a merger between two different nations. When we talk about cultire, we usually have two asperts: the national culture which influence attitudes to work, authority, equality (Jan Daniel Laufhütte (2003) Strategic Management Lessons in Post-Merger Integration) then also leading to the different in business cluture,which contains the differences in organizational structure,decision-malting style and pay structure.(Yang Zhuoyuan(2007) the impact of culture for cross-border M&A)
Daimler’s German style culture
Talking about german, we seems have such a stereotype that they are rigid , careful and well organized. They are tend to stick to rules and don’t like risk and ambiuty. What they prefer is a convertional and stable operation. Relationships between superiors and subordinates is of formality and distance.

So with Daimler, So the national culture effects Daimler’s way to control its rinning. its German type of decision-making is characterized by methodical decision—making.( Yang Zhuoyuan(2007) the impact of culture for cross-border M&A) Its orgaizational stucture is hierarchical and bureaucatical holding. The man who made the finnal dsicion is always the leaders and they in turn take the responsbility to the outcome of the decision. Besides, Germans disliked huge pay gap.

Daimler-Benz’s Cultural Web

Source: JOHNSON, G. / SCHOLES, K. (2002): Exploring Corporate Strategy. 6th edition,
Harlow: Prentice-Hall, p.230.
Chrysler’s American style culture
In our mind, American are adventurous, pioneering and innovative. They like risk and they have a maxim that ” without risk there would be no great success, will never be big as a coward”. ( Pursuring freedom and equlity, American companies valued efficiency,empowerment,and fairly equal relations among the whole staff.

So to chrysler, it has a democratic decision-making style.(Yang Zhuoyuan(2007) the impact of culture for...

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